Short Aptitude Tutorial:Topic: Time and Work; Type: Using Inverse Proportion Between Time & Workers

Dear Reader, The problem we are going to see today is from “Time and Work”. You must remember a principle regarding work and the number of people involved. When the number of people doing a work increase, the time to… Read more

Short Aptitude Tutorial: Topic: Number Series; Type: Combined Series

Dear Reader, Number series is an important topic in exams. For example, in the recent bank exams, there was more than one question from this topic. In word problems (from Age, Profit & Loss, etc.,) you have to understand the… Read more

Solved Aptitude Question: Find Age Based On Given Ratios

Age Problem
Dear Reader, in this question you will be given ratios between ages of three people. You have to find the age of a given person. Example Question: Find the age of R. The ratio between ages of Q and R… Read more

Mensuration Shape Transformation Type Problem

Dear Reader, this type is very common in government exams. Let us see an example and learn how to solve problems of this type. Example Question: Ramu is a blacksmith. He has a cone-shaped steel of base radius 20 cm… Read more

Prepare Time & Distance Problems: 4 Solved Questions

Dear Reader, this is the part 1 of Time & Distance solved questions. You will find more parts in the coming days with more questions. If you get doubts, type those in the comments section. 1. Ram was planning to… Read more

Sample Aptitude Questions

Dear Reader, Below four are based on aptitude questions. Question 1 A sum of money at simple interest amounts to Rs.2500 in 2 years and to Rs.2710 in 5 years. The sum is a)Rs.2360 b)Rs.2000 c)Rs.1590 d)Rs.2300 Answer: a)Rs.2360 Solution:… Read more